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Netball Waitakere opened their doors to brand new flooring

Netball Waitakere opened their doors to their brand new indoor spring flooring on Wednesday evening much to the excited of their ecstatic members who couldn't wait to walk on and touch the new floor! The flooring has been our their wish-list for the last 10 years.

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Results from the 2018 VOP survey said over 50% of our community had experienced poor sideline behaviour.  We don’t realise the impact our behaviours can have and we want to creative positive sporting experiences so, with the support of our Netball Northern Zone centres, we have come up with a Community Campaign:  STAND WITH ME – Kiá tú ngátahi tatou.

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HART Sport NZ Partnership

We are proud to partner with HART Sport NZ, your #1 destination for Sport & Fitness equipment. With more than 3000 high quality, innovative products, designed to help you perform at your best, HART Sport are here to keep you active. Used by the pros; trusted by the Mystics.

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