Beko Selection Process 2019

The following criteria will be considered during selection:

  • Athlete's organisation and communication
  • Athlete's coachability (openness to learning and willingness to be coached)
  • Athlete's physical atheltic capability and testing results; both current and historical
  • Coaches observations and feedback on athlete behaviours from testing and Netball Skills Screening
  • Athletes who are ready to perform and win at ANZ Premiership or BEKO Netball League level
  • Athletes who show a commitment to the preparation required to compete in the ANZ Premiership within the next 1 - 5 years
  • Athletes who demonstrate an ethic to work to their full capacity, and beyond what they have achieved in the past
  • Positional balance of athletes across the programme to support competition opportunities to represent the zone

Individual's will be ranked against the ANZ Premiership and BEKO Netball League standards as well as other athletes who have applied to the NZEPP.

Selection Panel

The selection panel will be comprised of: SKYCITY Mystics Head Coach, Northern STARS Head Coach, Northern Marvels Head Coach, Northern Comets Head Coach and the Northern Zone Performance Manager.

Selected Athletes

Athletes who are selected for the NZEPP will meet one of the following levels based on their current performance and any relevant historical data. These athletes will be invited to be part of the NZEPP after testing and screening.


ANZ Premiership athletes and training partners   Currently at ANZ Premiership level and identified training partners


ANZ development athletes Developing towards ANZ Premiership level


Developing Athletes Talented athletes (e.g. shown performance potential in their current netball copetition environment).

Non-selected Athletes

Athletes who are not selected will receive their testing data and some key bullet points of information on their performance during the selection process. If, for any reason a selected athlete cannont fulfil the requirements of the NZEPP they will be replaced with a non-selected athlete at the discretion of the selection panel.

2019 Second Athlete Intake for NZEPP

In early 2019, there are athletes (who display readiness in the various levels of the NZEPP), returning or relocating to Auckland for work and study. Many of these athletes have already contacted the zone to register for the NZEPP. The zone will work with these individuals on a case by case basis to determine their entry into the NZEPP when they arrive in Auckland.

Expectation and Calendar

If you are selected for the NZEPP the commitment is to be at the sessions marked in the NZEPP athlete calendar as well as participate in the strength and conditioning (S&C) programme designed for your level.

Strength and Conditioning

Level One
S & C

Minimum of three sessions in the gym with a trainer/per week and one self-led session per week

Level Two
S & C

Minimum of one session in the gym with a trainer and two self-led sessions per week

Level Three
S & C  

Attend Saturday group session and two self-led sessions per week (generic programme within the support systems of your local environment)

If you are placed into a certain level during the investment season it is because we consider it necessary to expose you to a level of training and environment in line with your developmental needs. It does not necessarily mean you will be selected for the teams or campaigns these levels have been compared against, as shown above.

Any questions regarding seletion should be directed to Tia Winikerei This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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